Our appeal to FIFA World Cup sponsors

Students urge FIFA sponsors to take the Fan Fest away from the University

On March 26, students and alumni came with placards to Moscow headquarters of the FIFA sponsors. They protest against organizing FIFA Fan Fest right next to their university.

“Impossible is nothing? Could you move Fan Fest away from MSU?” (near the office of Adidas). Photo by A. Stepanov (photo-hq.ru)

The Moscow State University community urges to change the location of the FIFA Fan Fest that is currently planned right next to the Main Building of MSU. The massive event for 25 thousand fans threatens the educational and research processes as well as the 6, 5 thousand inhabitants of the dormitories.

A solo protester with a placard against VISA sponsoring FIFA Fan Fest (near the office of VISA)

“Enjoy elsewhere” “MSU without Fan zone – I’m loving it” “Nothing’s impossible? Can you take the fan zone away from MSU?” — those were the slogans of the pickets in front of Moscow headquarters of FIFA sponsors.

“MSU without Fan Zone — I’m lovin’ it” (placard for McDonald’s)

The Initiative group of MSU sent letters to 10 FIFA sponsors. The group emphasizes that using the University building as a commercial decoration and ignoring the opinion of the community is bad publicity. The Festival near campus “will cause the discontent and may provoke the students’ protest actions”, — warns the letter.

‘Dreams come true? We dream about Campus without Fan Fest’ (near the office of Gazprom)

6 protest pickets took place in front of Moscow head offices Coca-Cola, Adidas, McDonald’s, Visa, Gazprom and Alfa-bank. No executives came to talk with the protesters, however, the employees who heard about the issue for the first time showed spontaneous solidarity agreeing that university campus is surely no the place for the festival.

“Alfa-Bank, help us to relocate Fan Fest” (near the office of Alfa-Bank)

The Initiative group has already appealed to the FIFA President Gianni Infantino and the FIFA Ambassadors but got no answer. Over 4, 5 thousand paper signatures were left at the offices of MSU President V. Sadovnichy, V. Putin’s Administration and mayor’s office this February.

‘Do not sponsor MSU humiliation’ (near the office of ‘Coca-Cola’)

The initiative group says they will continue to protest and fight until the location of the fan zone will be changed. “The current location is a humiliation to the whole academic community”, — say the students and alumni.

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