For more than a year students and employees of MSU fought for the FIFA World Cup 2018 fan zone relocation away from the Sparrow Hills and MSU Park. This situation that Moscow University got dragged into due to the commercial interests of country’s authorities shed a light on unacceptable practices usually hidden from the public eye of the University community. We haven’t written a lot about them, trying to focus on the main goal of our campaign, but now it’s time to address this issue.

We openly say: MSU for quite some has an abnormal, unhealthy and dangerous coalescence of administrative tops, local police station and intelligence officers ‘assigned’ to the University.

This symbiosis has been silently damaging our University for many years, but this time their overstepped ethical boundaries so many boundaries, that we believe we have to disclose the long-time history of their activities.


1. University Police station for years have always been informally involved with the administration: there have been cases where activists were detained by police following direct orders or leads from the rectorate.

2. FSB (KGB successor) and other Federal agencies have ‘assigned’ intelligence officers working directly with the rectorate. Formally they hold different administrative positions: assistant to the rector, deputy head of housing, and others.

3. In Moscow State University, just like in many other Universities, they are usually bored and busy with irrelevant tasks and occasionally play a role in University internal power games supporting clans on influences. They do not have and can not have any kind of ‘superior mission’, that would justify their existence within the University.

4. As former intelligence officers, they collect intel and compromising materials on University administration that they convert into personal influence.

5. University intelligence officers for many years have been turning students and employees of the University into their whistle-blowers and provokers.

6. During our relocation campaign, University executives were not ashamed to use paid publications, hack activists’ accounts, impose anonymous threats, surveillance, and pressure on relatives. Detained first-year students accused of damaging the ad poster is also one of the results of the repressive system.

7. We are convinced this entire system is abnormal and decelerates the development of MSU. There is a need for collective actions from students, employees and graduates to stop the corruption of the University. Our main tools are publicity and active support of fellow students and colleagues,

We are to consistently publish all the facts we managed to gather in regard to the repressive practices mentioned — we will devote our time to publish posts in the nearest future about that.

Our end goal is to stop these practices, that poison l life in the University and in the following posts we will uncover the details of each bullet point mentioned in this post.

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