MSU Rector Ignored the Official Meeting With Our Delegates

Rector Victor Sadovnichiy cancelled the meeting his rectorate had scheduled for him with IGMSU delegates after the Occupy Rectorate regarding the relocation of the FIFA World Cup Fan Festival during the #nofanfestmsu campaign.

As we expected, the rectorate informed us that Victor Sadovnichiy had received an invitation to Putin’s address on the 1st of March only the day before the event, thus Rector had to cancel the meeting at the last minute.

(We in IGMSU do not believe the Rector was not aware that he would be on the guest list for the event and we think that was just an excuse to avoid meeting the students)

Also, assistant to rector Vyacheslav Goryachko informed us that the rector was not pleased with the fact that there were one alumnus and one employee in the IGMSU delegate list.

Instead of the meeting scheduled with the rector, many of the delegates were invited to talk to Faculties’ Administrations. Delegates were given talks about foreign affairs, “loyalty” to the university, the immaturity of the protesters and were asked to wrap up the protest.  These discussions could include anything but the main issue.

Some of the prorectors also tried to manipulate one of the delegates into taking this report (see below) as an official closing response to the story. (The report by vice-rector Victor Vaypan does not include anything relevant: the same old false story about including student organisations into process of making decisions and acting in the interest of campus inhabitants)

Our final goal is the Fan Fest relocation and we are not planning to stop halfway.


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